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Discover Why Global Organisations
Trust Trilaty Cyber.

Securing Talent.

Protecting Your Future.

Cyber Security Is Now a Global
Board-level Issue.

The drive for digital transformation and the shift to cloud or hybrid environments is increasing the attack threat surface.

Cyber In Numbers.

Estimated cyber security job vacancies unfilled in 2018 throughout the world
The estimated number of days on average an attack goes unnoticed
Gartner’s estimated number of IoT connected devices in 2018 across the world
The estimated cost of
cyber hacks
globally by 2019

Key Challenges Facing The
Cyber Security Space.

Regulatory Pressures

Act or pay the price; this has increasingly become the rhetoric from governments when it comes to protecting its economy, its people and their data. This increased demand is forcing less regulated sectors to recruit from financial services, pharmaceuticals and other more regulated industries to ensure they can continually demonstrate compliance.

Constantly Evolving Threats

Today’s resourceful adversaries are becoming increasingly persistent and ever-more sophisticated in their approaches. This is being exploited by our desire to be ever-connected in a truly globalised world. The IoT and cloud computing have seen that landscape evolve rapidly creating ever-more opportunities to exploit the vulnerabilities.

Increased Demand for Talent

Talent should be the primary tool to address these emerging challenges but there is currently an almost immeasurable number of cyber vacancies across the globe sat somewhere between ½m and 1m unfilled jobs in 2018. This has given birth to a rise in up-skilling internal staff to meet the demands but not without its drawbacks.

How We Go About Things.


We only ever look to employ senior consultants from InfoSec and CyberSec backgrounds spanning a range of roles and having worked the sector for a number of years. This approach has enabled us to secure some of the brightest talent for world-renowned companies in recent years and it’s why we excel in this space.


Our candidates take great value from the years of experience we’ve amassed in this space. As a dedicated partner for clients and candidates alike, we will always do what’s right by the candidate should the opportunity arise with us or elsewhere. It’s this absolute transparency which has helped build a trusted brand in this space.


Clients are an equal part of our 3-way philosophy of ensuring everyone is equally represented and everyone is equally delighted with the level of service they receive. We delight clients every time with our knowledge and our track record of finding CISOs and penetration testers alike making us the go-to specialist Consultancy.

When Is It Time To Speak With Trilaty Cyber?

  • When you're looking for a dedicated specialist consultancy already trusted by some of the biggest cyber security brands across the world.
  • You’re currently struggling to fill vacancies either going it alone or using a generic agency.
  • You need absolute confidence your dedicated consultants have an inherent understanding of the space.
  • You need support with internal teams looking for talent but sometimes coming up short.
  • Vacancies have been open for too long, talent is thin on the ground and the opportunities to interview are drying up.
  • You want to work with a specialist consultancy with a vision and determination to succeed.
  • You crave value-add from your recruiter. Keeping you up to speed with developments they’re experience more often, first hand.